2016.5.1 Sunday 4:00 - 8:00pm


Manni Cafe 很多咖啡 


- WHY - 

Labor Day is coming!!!

This is the pre-game of steamy summer in Taiwan. Come enjoy our American style Labor Day barbecue party and the funky vibe at Manni Cafe - if you have never been here yet. We have meat, a big grill, music, pool, tango performance at 6pm, and the before summer cool evening here. 


Yeah, it's more like a potlock style, except all you bring will be raw.

  1. 500g for a portion/plate;

  2. First 20 attendees gets a plate of BBQ food (including beef steak, ribs, and wings, etc) when you pre-order in advance or just bring a portion of meat or/and seafood;

  3. A portion of healthy vegi brought to the party is good for a specal drink for free;

  4. Pre-order your plate online for only $100, or $150 at the door;

  5. Please get your meat or/and vegitable ready for the grill (we might be short of hands to clean everything...). Should you have questions about this, Facebook and message us.

  6. Manni Cafe is proud to present our beer-brewer partner's hand-crafted  American Amber Ale  at the party and the very specail drink of our awesome good  Frosty Margaritas!!! 

  7.  Also, let us know if you are masculine enough to join our manly chef to the grill!!!